Together we will declutter your house and tackle your most overwhelming tasks.  Maybe you need home office organization because paper is taking over your desk/counter/table or any other horizontal space. Possibly there is an overabundance of toys in the playroom. Is your environment filled with things that bring you joy or cause you stress?

TIME Management Skills
Are you always late? Do you arrive after the introductions have been made at the PTA?  Do you try to sneak into your seat at the business conference because you just walked in on applause…and it wasn’t for you?  Since we all are given the same 24 hours, it is how we manage ourselves within that span of time that makes our life pleasant or harried.

Are your prized photos hiding in…

    shoe boxes   bins   trunks   envelopes   drawers   purses   books

                 pocket books  cameras   cyberspace    

Let’s locate them together. Whether you want a traditional scrapbook to have and to hold... or would you prefer a digital one, I can help.  

Your photos and memorabilia need a proper home, where they can live, breathe and bring joy to you and your family.  

 Ask me about Virtual Organizing !