Kc Coolbaugh

​​​My first recollection of "order" goes like this...

As a four year old, in Butte, MT, I would often have a store set up in the living room when my Daddy arrived home from work. With Mom's permission, I emptied my parent's desk drawer. My child-sized table and chair became my display area.  All items were sorted, categorized and priced accordingly. Of course, Daddy was delighted to accommodate his little girl and pay(again) for purchasing his things. 

My only sibling is a brother 6 ½ years older, who had no interest in this field, so it was mine to own.

Creating my first scrapbook at age 7 seemed natural to me. Years later I happened upon albums belonging to my parents. They each had their own book of mementos created during high school. Sounds like a genetic thing!

With five children and 8...almost 9... grandchildren in my life,
structure and organization is very important. Getting everyone to "everywhere" on time has become a lifelong goal and an evolving


In 1998 when I was looking for a creative career, it was my doctor who jumped at my suggestion of being a professional scrapbook designer.  Her only child was born 13 weeks early.  He spent 2 months in the hospital, during which time, she and her husband journaled and took a roll of film every day. She became my first client. I filled 2 large albums with his first 2 months of life.

Presenting a completed album to the owner of the photos and memorabilia, brings me great joy.  Their "lost" family is now found, whether in a traditional book to have and to hold or a digital version. They can enjoy and share those precious moments for generations to come.